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Extreme Court Six Pack

Extreme Court Six Pack

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Send a message to the Dishonorable Boofer and the rest of the extreme court: Real wombs aren’t playthings. America isn’t the land of the free if half the country doesn’t have basic bodily autonomy.



  • One Woombie for you.
  • Six Woombies sent to the extremists on the bench that turned back the clock on our rights.

With this one purchase, you will have a soft, squeezy reminder that this fight isn’t over, politicians will get put on plushie notice, and money will go to Planned Parenthood — it’s a win-win-win.


How do I use my Woombie?

Woombies are yours to protest with. Raise them at marches. Toss them on the steps of the Capitol. Flex with a Woombie on your desk at work. Squeeze them when someone mansplains in your general vicinity. Use Woombies to start a conversation about basic bodily autonomy in America. The plushie possibilities are endless!

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Help politicians learn to read the womb

Even though 71% of young people are pro-choice, politicians are catering to the 13% of extremists that want to take away bodily autonomy for everyone. Politicians who don’t understand what ectopic pregnancy or sepsis of the uterus mean are sentencing people to death for their own political agendas.


Woombies send a clear message: we’re human beings, not playthings.

Boost the fun, not the maternal mortality rate

If abortion is banned nationwide, the maternal mortality rate for Black women increases by 33%. That’s not okay.


Send politicians a Woombie. They’ve played with our lives long enough.

Play Tug-o-Woombie

The games politicians are playing have incredibly high stakes. Without bodily autonomy, people can be forced into poverty or denied life-saving medical treatment including chemotherapy for cancer patients.


Instead of fighting to control the lives of over half the population, politicians can play Tug-o-Woombie instead.

100% Misogyny-Resistant Material

Anti-choice politicians spend a lot of time insulting over 50% of the population and body shaming those who want bodily autonomy. Now they can insult a Woombie instead. Women who look like thumbs, rejoice!

Conservative-Tear Absorbent

Not controlling the lives of millions of potential procreators might make politicians sad. Don’t worry. Woombies are made with tear-absorbent fabric!

Think Outside Our Boxes

No more worrying about what people do in their bedrooms or doctors’ offices! Woombies are so inconceivably cute, that politicians won’t be able to think about anything else!


  • A Woombie For You

    Woombies are perfect for protests or squeezing when someone mansplains how women aren’t funny and can’t pee with a tampon in.

  • A Woombie For Them

    We’re sending Woombies to anti-choice politicians as a plushie reminder to keep their beliefs out of our briefs.

  • Funding For Fundamental Rights

    100% of Woombie proceeds are being donated to Planned Parenthood.


We want to make it rain Woombies on Washington. We need your help. Get 5% OFF when you buy a Woombie Bundle to help us fill the mailboxes of anti-choice politicians. 100% of proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.

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