What are Woombies?

Woombies are a protest in plushie form. Adorable, squishy, and totally enraged — Woombies are the perfect way to ovary-act in response to the attack on reproductive rights in America. 100% of Woombie proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, so feel warm and fuzzy inside about the good you will do with a pink and fuzzy protest plushie.

Are you really mailing them to Ted Cruz?

Yes, for every Woombie you buy, we will actively work to make Ted Cruz and other anti-choice politicians cry. We will bombard their mailboxes with Woombies while supplies last.

How do I use my Woombie?

Woombies are yours to protest with. Raise them at marches. Toss them on the steps of the Capitol. Flex with a Woombie on your desk at work. Squeeze them when someone mansplains in your general vicinity. Use Woombies to start a conversation about basic bodily autonomy in America. The plushie possibilities are endless!

Are Woombies really helping?

100% of proceeds from Woombies are being donated to Planned Parenthood. Woombies will be sent to politicians as a reminder that we will fight back hard with something soft. Even small actions can make a difference — this action just happens to be adorable.