Did you know that real wombs are only the size of a woman’s fist? Our giant Woombie is 45 times that size. Why? So old, rich white dudes in Washington can finally read the womb: people who can become pregnant aren’t playthings.

Our giant Woombie will be in Washington, DC October 5-7th to protest the government stripping basic human rights from over half the country. Megaphones in hand, our small team will read quotes, speeches, and messages from inspiring women past and present. We will share chants for this new assault on our rights. We will sing protest songs that express both rage and hope. We want to share your thoughts too.

Help us send a message to politicians in Washington by posting to social media with #ReadTheWomb. Our team will help amplify your voice and make sure politicians remember we won’t go back. 

Don’t use social media? You can still tell politicians in Washington to keep their beliefs out of your briefs. Enter a message below and we will shout it from the steps of the Capitol on your behalf.

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